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MelbourneGems.com is an independent online website dedicated to help you to make the most of your stay in Melbourne, whether it is a short stay for holiday or a much longer stay for living in here.

I want to share with you my passion about Melbourne and tell you some of the hidden gems that only the locals know about.

Once upon the time

In short, this is the story of how a full time working mum built her own website to share her passion about Melbourne.

I am not originally from Australia. For the first few years when I arrived here I thought I would only be staying temporary in Australia. So I spent every opportunity I had to travel around Australia and most especially in Victoria. I discovered different types of accommodation, restaurant, beach and walking tracks. I went to some places that even native Australians do not know about.

Then after 4 years, I realised that I would not be able to leave "my adoptive home" any more; so I decided to settled down in Melbourne.

Today I sill travel a lot because I love it. I also keep trying new restaurants and places. The only thing that changed is that I bought a house to live with my family and we call Melbourne home now.

Each time when I had friends coming to Melbourne I always tried to help them to organise their visit in Melbourne or to provide first hand experience if they want to settle down here. They will thank me for sharing with them some of the Melbourne hidden gems.

Changing point

One day when I was organising my trip to the Red Centre, I came across one website called Outback australia travel secrets. This website is built by Birgit using her passion for travel and a tool call SBI. Thanks to Birgit's website I did a fantastic trip with my friends, drove and slept in some of the most beautiful and wildest places.

I have been inspired by Birgit's experience and decided that I would also develop my own website about Melbourne.

Only problem I have a full time job and my little boy is still young hence very demanding.

However I believe passion could shine and persistence will allow me to overcome difficulties.

I enjoy using my spare time to build this website. I check it almost daily and I add information to the website at least twice a week.


This website contains everything I have discovered or learned over the years, living and travelling in and around this wonderful city.

I will also share with you everything I love about Melbourne:

  • The many national parks and amazing landscapes around this big city
Great Ocean Road The Gabble lookout
  • My favourite AFL football team: Go Pies!
Collingwood Premiership
  • My passion for Australian Animals and the god spots to meet them in their natural habitat
Wild Wombat in the snow

How to stay in touch

Nothing makes me happier than receiving feedback from my readers and staying in touch with them.

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  2. You can also contact me or ask me questions here, and I'll be happy to answer.
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Thanks for visiting Melbourne Gems.

I hope you have found the information you need and enjoyed Melbourne through my eyes  - and come back soon!

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