Koalas - The Cutest Animal In The World
Best Pictures And Spots

The Koala is an iconic Australian marsupial which is recognised all throughout the world. Most tourists who come to Australia want to see this adorable creature.

I want to share with you here:

  • My best pictures
  • Some good spots around Melbourne where you can see them in the wild.

This small marsupial can be found in most coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia as well as in inland woodlands. Victoria has the largest koala populations while there are none at all in Tasmania or West Australia.

They typically inhabit open eucalypt woodlands, and the leaves of these trees make up most of their diet. Because this eucalypt diet has limited nutritional and caloric content, koalas are largely sedentary and sleep for up to 20 hours a day.

So let's face it:

  • You will be lucky to see a Koala on your Australia trip
  • You will be even more lucky if you could see one who is not sleeping

My First Koala

The first Koala I saw was on the ground.I got very close to him and was even able to touch him.

I thought that was a very common thing at that time.

Now I can tell you it was a very unique experience to be able to see one on the ground.

As I said it is already very good if you can see one awake.

Wild Koala hopping in the grass

This one was at Kennett River, a village located a short 2.5 hours from Melbourne, on the internationally famous Great Ocean Road.

It was the first Koala I saw and it stays a wonderful experience for me.

Kennett River is one of the best spot to see Koalas in the wild.

Now do not expect to see a Koala on the ground so easily. I was really lucky this time as most of the time, you will spot a Koala during its favorite activity: sleeping

Koala sleeping and hanging to a branch

Other Good Spots

Not far from Kennett River also on the Great Ocean Road you can find big colonies of Koalas at The Great Otway National Park. They can be seen from the road but make sure you park in a safe spot as the road can be busy with road traffic with travellers visiting the Cape Otway Light station.

The only downside of this spot is quite often animals are very high in the tree. But if you have a good camera you can still capture good photos.

Wild Koala enjoying his Euca leaf

2 hours drive from Melbourne, the Koala Conservation Centre at Philip Island is a lovely place to see Koalas in their natural habitat.

The boardwalk provides exceptional koala viewing and plenty of useful information about them.

Wild Koala enjoying his meal

Raymond island is another place that you can be guaranteed to see this iconic animal in the wild.

Raymond Island is a small island in the Gippsland Lakes in eastern Victoria, about 300 km from Melbourne.

You need to take the ferry for the island. There is a 1.2km easy walk as soon as you get off the ferry. You just cannot miss them.

Wild Koala holding tight in the wind

Koala Joeys: Extremely Rare to See

The Koala is the cutest animal in the world. Seeing a Joey will be an experience that you would never forget.

It is quite challenging to see them in the wild. They will usually hide themselves under their mums.

You have a good chance to see one at the Koala Observation Centre at Phillip Island.They have some joeys who are taking their first adventures out of their mother’s pouch, learning to climb, find food and meet each other.

I hope you will be as lucky as I was and spot some of them on your Melbourne trip.

Koala and its Joey
Koala and its Joey
Koala and its Joey

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